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Health Insurance Information

All full-time students at the University of Connecticut are required to maintain health insurance coverage in order to register for Fall 2014 classes. (A full-time student is any undergraduate student enrolled for twelve or more credits.) Students may choose to be covered for accidents and illnesses through:

  1. a personal insurance policy
  2. a plan carried by their parents
  3. a group policy sponsored by the University, which is sold and administered through a private insurance agency under contract to the University. For Fall 2014-Spring 2015 (Coverage begins August 15, 2014 and remains in effect until the end of the plan year August 14, 2015). We do not yet have the cost for this upcoming year.

The University uses what is called a "hard waiver" system to assure student health coverage. This means students will be AUTOMATICALLY enrolled in and billed for the University-sponsored plan. If you want coverage under the University-sponsored plan, do nothing; you are automatically enrolled.

If you are currently covered by a health insurance provider and you wish to decline the University plan, you must provide proof of health insurance and file an on-line insurance waiver in order to have this fee removed from your fee bill. The ONLY way to decline the University sponsored insurance is by completing an online waiver form through your Student Administration account (PeopleSoft account). This waiver can be done through the PeopleSoft Financials system. The last day to waive the University sponsored health insurance plan is September 15, 2014.:

  1. Log into the Student Administration System (SA System) which is your PeopleSoft account. To log in, you will need your netID and your password.
  2. Click on Self Service
  3. Click on Student Center
  4. Scroll down to Finances
  5. Click on Create Student Permissions
  6. Click on Health Insurance Waiver

If you fail to complete the waiver in PeopleSoft, it will be assumed that you accept coverage offered under the University sponsored health insurance plan, and the charge for that coverage will remain on your fee bill.

The health insurance waiver webpage is now available for student access for Fall 2014. If you chose to select the University sponsored health insurance plan waiver, you will receive a confirmation number through the health insurance waiver webpage. A waiver can be set up before your fee bill is created. This will prevent the health insurance charge from appearing on your bill.

Specific questions regarding coverage, benefits or enrollment can be directed to the Insurance Coordinator, Tresca Smith at (860) 486-4535 or by email at tresca.smith@uconn.edu. Ms. Smith can also answer questions on how students will be impacted, if they were previously insured through Consolidated.

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