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PSYC 3889 (Undergraduate Research) at Waterbury

PSYC 3889 (Undergraduate Research) is an independent study course available for students interested in gaining “hands-on” research experience with our Waterbury Psychological Sciences faculty members. Students help with an established research project.


Finding Opportunities

1. Think about why you want to participate in research.

Before you get involved with research, it is important to establish your goals and interests. When you approach faculty members to discuss possible opportunities, be prepared to discuss your goals and interest, and why you want to participate in research.

2. Think about the areas of psychological sciences in which you might like to participate in research.

Our faculty have a broad range of research interests; Waterbury faculty members are involved in the following Department areas:

  • Behavioral Neuroscience – Understanding the biological basis of behavior and cognition.
  • Clinical – Understanding, prevention, and treatment of psychological disorders as well as promoting mental well-being.
  • Developmental – Understanding changes in behavior and cognition over the life-span.


3. Learn more about these faculty members’ research.

Visit each professor’s website about their lab to find out more about their research activities

4. Contact individual faculty members to discuss the possibility of a research experience.

Contact one of us to discuss the possibility of completing a PSYC 3889 (Undergraduate Research) experience. It is important that your email be professional. Ideally, explain why you are specifically interested in their lab and why they will benefit from your knowledge and skills.


Students who have made arrangements with a Waterbury faculty member to participate in Psyc 3889 will complete an Independent Study Authorization Form. Fill out the form with your student details, and then obtain a) your Instructor’s signature; b) your academic advisor’s signature; and c) Dr. Treadwell’s signature. When completed, submit the form to the Registrar, located on the 2nd floor in the Student Services Suite (her desk is to the right of the main entrance). Authorization forms for enrollment are due by the end of the 4th week of the classes during the regular academic year and by the end of the add/drop period for summer courses.