Finals week for Fall 2017 takes place from Monday, December 11th through Saturday, December 16th. Students are required to be available for their exam and/or complete any assessment during the time stated in the final exam schedule. You can look up your final exams at the following website:

You can seek to reschedule a final if you have a BUNCHED FINAL or you MISS A FINAL based on the following:



Students with a bunched final exam conflict must visit the Office of Student Affairs, 2nd Floor Student Services suite, by Wednesday., December 6th, to discuss the possibility of rescheduling a final exam.

Bunched finals are defined as:

  • four exams in two consecutive days or
  • three exams in one calendar day or
  • three exams in consecutive time-blocks spanning parts of two consecutive days

PLEASE NOTE: Final assessments (as opposed to an in-class final exam) are not recognized as part of the bunched final exam policy.



Permission to take a missed final exam will only be given for EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES Permission will only be given once VALID DOCUMENTATION has been received by Dr. Stuart Brown in the Office of Student Affairs (2nd fl., Student Services Suite).  Depending upon the circumstances, valid documentation may mean a doctor’s note, a police report, etc.

NO PERMISSION will be given without DOCUMENTATION—no matter what the reason.