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Faculty Program Fund Request Form


The Faculty Program Committee reviews requests for support from the Faculty Program Fund. In general, this fund is understood to cover course-related events, including (but not limited to) speakers, performers, films, and field trips. All Waterbury Campus fulltime and adjunct faculty can apply for support from this fund. The Faculty Program Fund has two goals: to enrich the classroom experience and to enhance the academic environment of the whole campus by opening course-related programs to the larger campus community whenever possible.

We anticipate that the total budget for most programs will be in the range of $100 - $300, but we will certainly consider requests both smaller and larger. The application should justify the expense in terms of anticipated attendance and impact. The proposal should also be particularly clear about the ways that the program will benefit the course and/or contribute to the enrichment of the larger campus community.

In cases of exceptionally large requests, the committee can assist the instructor to realize an ambitious goal by recommending alternate sources for partial funding. Partnering with instructors in other courses or other campus groups helps build a larger and more diverse audience for a more expensive program.

  • Program Information

    The proposal should be not more than one page in length and should include the following information:
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • :
    It is the instructor's responsibility to contact Heather Price in the Student Services suite to reserve a room if the program is not being held in the instructor's classroom.
  • If outside the instructor's regular classroom, briefly describe how you will need the space set-up (include number of tables, chairs, audio-visual, etc.). You must meet and discuss specifics with the Student Activities Coordinator.
  • Please list total amount to be requested and a breakdown of expenses.
    Security can be public or private and could include police, private firm, etc.
  • Promotional Guidelines

    Though most of the proposed programs will occur during class-time, applicants must explain how they intend to publicize all programs and make them available to the largest possible audience. Publicity might include posting information to students and faculty through campus list-serves and the website, distributing flyers, and/or extending personal invitations to specific instructors or campus groups that may have a special interest in the topic. In the case of larger programs faculty should contact the reporter assigned to the campus at the Waterbury Republican.
  • Information About Field Trips

    In the case of field trips, instructors should make every effort to invite staff and students outside the course to attend. It is more likely for the faculty program committee to approve full or partial reimbursement of student transportation if the proposal describes one or more of these conditions: the field trip is required (it is part of the syllabus not an optional activity); students traveling alone might present logistical problems or safety concerns; and/or the total cost of the program (including the transportation) falls within the range of a typical on-campus program (under $300).
  • Working with Waterbury Campus Faculty

    Instructors asking for substantial program support should consider distributing materials relevant to the program (e.g. published writing by a speaker, reviews of a performer) as early as possible to other faculty. When materials about campus programs are included in the syllabi or recommended reading lists for other courses, not only is attendance higher, but cross-disciplinary discussion is enhanced.
  • Deadlines

    Proposals may be submitted for events scheduled during a three-semester cycle: the current semester and the following two semesters. This time frame allows faculty to plan events more than one year in advance when necessary. You may submit only one proposal per event/per course per semester. For instance, for an event that occurs every October, you may submit a proposal for that event only once per grant cycle (i.e. once a year). Rejected proposals may be revised and resubmitted.
  • Submisison of Application

    by submitting this form, the faculty member requesting funds bears final responsibility for: on-campus publicity, reserving rooms, scheduling to avoid conflicts with other campus events, submitting receipts and invoices to Christine Scott-Dougan, and requesting set up from Facilities.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.