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Recognizing The Teaching Moment in a Plagiarism Case

An opportunity to teach students about plagiarism also arises once a student has plagiarized. When punishing or charging a student with plagiarism, faculty should also consider how that moment can be turned into something more than punitive. Consider the following ways to make that moment into a teaching moment:

  1. The student rewrites the plagiarized assignment, using sources honestly and correctly for some credit or simply as an exercise in using sources responsibly (without getting credit). The student writes a reflection letter to the instructor about the differences between the two assignments.
  2. The student familiarizes him/herself with the Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) and does a short presentation to the instructor during office hours about the resources it provides on citation practices.
  3. The student studies the university’s honor code and writes a short essay about which aspects he/she violated.
  4. The student reads 1-2 short articles about academic integrity/plagiarism/cheating and writes a response paper to these using correct citation practices throughout.