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Second-Year Career Checklist: Developing Foundations

UConn Waterbury Career Development Office: Rm. 228E

Make a Career or Study Abroad Appointment: AdvApp

Hours: M 1-5, T,W, Th 8:30-5:00 203-236-9913


If still undecided, read Catalog: Check upper-level courses that interest you


Narrow choice of majors; List majors that interest you:


  1. _______________________   2. ______________________       Minor: ______________________

Meet w/ faculty to learn about major (s) that you’re considering


  1. ____________________________     2. __________________________

Cultivate mentoring relationship with at least one faculty member in your major


Examine Education Abroad programs Go to the Office of Career Development


Go to Majors and Careers to research majors.


Visit : Internships for academic credit? See Web site above and your advisor!


Visit the Math and Writing Center (library) to improve your academic success skills



Assume more active roles in clubs or organizations to which you belong, such as ASG


Commit to Community Service, such as Big Brothers/Sisters; United Way, etc.


Work as a summer advising assistant: see an advisor in Student Services for more info


Career Development Foundations

Complete on-line Skill ID: &

Interest Profiler:


Be intentional with Work-study, summer jobs, winter breaks to strengthen skills


Create a draft resume. RESUME PACKET Come in to the Office of Career Development for a critique.


Conduct two Informational Interviews. Use the Husky Alumni Network for assistance


  1. _____________________________   2.____________________________________


Check out for internships and for occupational research.


 Build career-related experience: Non-paid internships, Work-study, p/t and summer jobs, community service volunteering, and employment during winter breaks


Attend Career Fairs! Join LinkedIn, Twitter, use Facebook to post note/tag friends re: job search