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Office of Student Services

Students in the Student Union

Staff located in the 2nd Floor Student Services suite will be holding a combination of in-person and virtual appointments for the semester.

The staff who will be utilizing this arrangement are:

Kelly Bartlett,
Jennifer Hartwell,

Tony Omega,

Here is how we will be operating:

  • We will be conducting business through University email, WebEx, and phone.
  • Staff will be designating certain days and times for both in-person and virtual appointments.
  • We will be utilizing the Nexus system for Scheduled appointments.
  • Students can use the Nexus system to arrange a specific time for a WebEx appointment.  [IMPORTANT NOTE: your computer must have a camera and microphone hook-up in order to access the WebEx interface.]
  • Due to the anticipated volume of emails, staff may not respond to your email for 24 hours.

  • To schedule an appointment with members of the Student Services staff - Kelly Bartlett, Jennifer Hartwell or Tony Omega, on student services, advising issues, etc., Click here.
  • For general Student Services questions, send an email to:

Making Appointments Online Using Nexus

Nexus allows you to make appointments with a number of advisors on campus, primarily those in the Student Services suite.

[IMPORTANT NOTE: your computer must have a camera and microphone hook-up in order to access the WebEx interface.]

  1. Use the Nexus system to make a specific appointment day and time.
  2. The staff member will receive your appointment request.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to the WebEx interface.
  4. You would then click on the “Start Meeting” link at the appointed time to access your WebEx meeting..



Kelly Bartlett
Director of Student Services
P: 203-236-9871

Late Drop Petition
Petition to withdraw/drop a course after the 11th week of classes

Return to:  Office of Student Services, 2nd Floor

CLICK HERE to download the Late Drop Petition.

Students must officially drop the course/s prior to the eleventh week of classes or risk receiving a failing grade.

  • Students may drop a course after the eleventh week of classes by exception of the student’s Academic Dean or Dean’s designee only.
  • Exceptions are only made for significant extenuating circumstances beyond the student’s control that prevented the student from withdrawing by the published University Deadline, as outlined by the Academic Calendar found at: .

Rescheduling Final Exams

There are some special circumstances that grant students the ability to request permission to reschedule finals.
Students may use this form to submit a request to reschedule a final exam due to bunched finals or because of extenuating circumstances.

All requests will be reviewed and students will be notified of the final decision by email. Requests to reschedule due to extenuating circumstances must include supporting documentation. Submitting an online rescheduling request does not guarantee approval.

Students who have prior knowledge of a conflict (bunched finals, religious event/obligation, attendance to a funeral, court date, previously scheduled medical appointment, or other qualifying event) must submit a Final Exam Rescheduling Online Request.

Final Exam Rescheduling due to Bunched Finals:

Click here for a comprehensive list of the final exams schedule for all UConn campuses.

Bunched Finals Criteria:

  • 2 finals scheduled at the same time
  • 3 finals in one calendar day
  • 3 finals in consecutive time blocks spanning parts of two consecutive days
  • 4 finals in two consecutive days

Click here for examples of bunched finals

Extenuating Circumstances

  • Students with extenuating circumstances are required to provide details of the extenuating circumstance preventing student from taking the final during the scheduled time slot. Supporting documentation is required.
  • Examples of extenuating circumstances, MAY include religious observances, previously scheduled medical procedures/appointments, and attendance to a funeral or other ceremonies in which student is directly involved in the event.
  • Final exams WILL NOT be rescheduled due to personal errors, such as student oversleeping or misreading the final exam schedule.
  • Final exams are generally not rescheduled due to voluntary travel that conflicts with the final exam schedule. Students are encouraged to check the final exam schedule before making travel plans.

Final Exam Rescheduling Online Request

Form to request finals reschedule due to bunch finals and/or extenuating circumstances. NOTE: check your UConn e-mail account for the request decision. Decisions will only be e-mailed to student UConn e-mail address.

Log into Nexus to schedule an advising appointment.

Contact Student Affairs for Help With:

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Important Fall 2022 Dates

 Fall 2022 Bill Due August 1st
Fall Semester Begins August 29th
Fall 2022 Add/Drop Ends September 12th
Last Day to Withdraw from a Class and place a course on or remove a course from Pass/Fail November 14th
Final Exam Week December 12th-18th
[Reading Days] December 10th and 11th