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UConn-Waterbury Campus Event Request Form

UConn-Waterbury Campus Event Request.ASG

This form is to be submitted for any student organization sponsored/co-sponsored/hosted meeting/event/program happening on/off campus, regardless of audience/participation. Once submitted, the student leader planning this event should schedule an appointment to review this with the Student Activities Coordinator. Submission of this form does not indicate approval of the event, confirmation of funding, or on campus space use. Student leaders must follow up accordingly to insure confirmation of funding and space reservations.
  • Event/Program Registration Information

  • This is the individual who has agreed to serve as your official club advisor.
  • Have you informed your advisor of this event?
  • Will your advisor be in attenance?
  • General Description of Event/Program

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • :
  • This would only be for non-meeting events/programs.
  • On-Campus Space Request

    Please provide the following information for an event/program on-campus. Requests for space requires a minimum of TWO WEEKS notice. Submitting this form does not guarantee space availability. You must also meet and review your event/program requirements with the Student Activities Coordinator to confirm your use of space.
  • Briefly describe how you will need the space set-up (include number of tables, chairs, audio-visual, etc.). You must meet and discuss specifics with the Student Activities Coordinator.
  • Budget & Financial Information

    All funding proposals through ASG require a MINIMUM of two weeks advance notice. Funding approvals must be reviewed by ASG before any expenses are confirmed. Events requiring contracts, advance ticket sales, and new vendors may require additional time to process. Information submitted on this form is not a guarantee of funding. Any questions regarding the approval process should be directed to ASG.
  • Contracts

    Student organization leaders should not be signing contracts that are to be paid using University or ASG funds. To assist you with facilitating this process, please provide general information regarding the companies/individuals/organizations you may be utilizing for your event/program.
  • Food & Beverage Information

  • Additional information

    This does not include currently enrolled UConn students that may be under the age of 18.
    Security can be public or private and could include police, private firm, etc.
    1. Submissions with less than two week's notice will not be considered.
    2. Events with contracts, new vendors, and other considerations may require 4-6 weeks advance notice.
    3. There is no guarantee of on-campus space, funding, or other resources that are required for this event/program.
    4. A meeting will be set-up with the Student Activities Coordinator to review this event/program and any applicable laws, policies, and best practices related to our planned activity.
    5. As the student leader, I will follow up as needed to properly plan and execute this event.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.