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Volunteering is a great way to make valuable connections in the community.  Employers look for students who give back to their community in the spirit of helping others. You can volunteer regularly at civic organizations, community food banks, or after school programs where you mentor a student.  You can volunteer as little as once per week or commit to a weekend during the holidays – even this small commitment to the community will add to your resume.

To find a volunteer opportunity:

  • Community Organization Contacts, a comprehensive list created by UConn Waterbury Career Services and the Outreach office, of local volunteer opportunities. The site includes Web addresses, contact names, and the organization’s mission.
  • Waterbury Career Newsletters from UConn Waterbury Career Services a Bi-monthly E-Newsletter that lists  internships, and jobs.  Review E-Newsletter Archives for past Volunteer and Community Service Agency listings.
  • Make a career services appointment   with the UConn Waterbury career counselor to discuss the latest strategies for finding an internship and obtaining additional contacts: Click here for advapp instructions.
  • Look in the UConn Waterbury Job Binders in the Student Affairs Suite and at the Information Desk under the “Volunteer” category.  Peruse the Career Services Bulletin Boards outside of the Suite and in the Main Lobby downstairs.


On the Web:

  •  a great site where you enter your zip code and type of volunteering you would like.  There are thousands of opportunities listed.
  • is a kin to a short-term peace corps where you help out in another country anywhere from 2-20 weeks.
  • You can help fight against child hunger by getting involved in the many programs available on this site.