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Student discussing a book with their professor

The Bachelor of Arts degree in English is a four-year major that can be completed at UConn Waterbury. The study of English involves learning about literature and literary history as well as developing the writing and critical thinking skills required for literary interpretation.  UConn’s English major offers students a traditional liberal arts background.  The study of literature will expose students to great writers and thinkers, different viewpoints and experiences. Through the mastery of language, students are prepared to express themselves and their ideas to a variety of audiences.

English offers a rich array of courses including Shakespeare, Renaissance Literature, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Literature, Romantic Literature, Poetry, and the Modern Novel; extensive offerings in British, Irish and American Literature; and courses in drama and play writing.

A minor in English is also available.

Degree Requirements


  1. Introduction to Literary Studies
  2. Literary History
  3. Methods
  4. Major Author courses
  5. Advanced Study
  6. Additional Courses in English

Waterbury Campus English Faculty

Ellen Carillo
Professor and Writing Coordinator
Rhetoric and Composition: Critical/Literary Theory; 20th Century British Literature

Tom Dulack
Renaissance; 20th Century American Literature; Drama; Creative Writing

Frequently Asked Questions

Career Options

A degree in English opens up a broad range of opportunities that involve writing, editing, and communicating. The nature of the work for an English major depends on the career field a student chooses. Many students in English pursue advanced degrees in fields such as Law and Education. Many use their degree to work in editing, publishing, public relations, and marketing, as well.