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Human Development and Family Sciences

HDFS is a multidisciplinary major. Students study the development of children and families within their social, cultural, and relational contexts and across the lifespan.

We focus on interactions within the family as well as family interactions with other social institutions.

We prepare our students to work with children and families in nonprofit, health services, and educational organizations- as well as prepare them to go on to graduate school if they are interested in research and specializing in an area within our discipline.

Are you interested in what the Human Development and Family Sciences major has to offer? Listen to a recording of this virtual Information Session: Human Development and Family Sciences: A Major for the 21st Century--A Virtual Event

Contact any of the HDFS faculty on this page with questions about any of the specializations or other HDFS information.

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Human Development and Family Sciences Faculty

Watebury Campus

Assistant Professor in Residence
Room 115, UConn Waterbury Campus

Laura K.M. Donorfio
Associate Professor
Room 117, UConn Waterbury Campus

Jodie Oshana
Visiting Assistant Professor
Room 118, UConn Waterbury Campus

Adjunct Instructors

Kristin Van Ness Scrivano
HDFS Undergraduate Student Services Advisor

Frequently Asked Questions

Career Options

Graduates of UConn Waterbury’s HDFS program have gone on to successful careers in a variety of fields, including social work, education, law, and public policy. Hear how some of our alumni use their HDFS degrees, and find out more about common career paths for HDFS majors.